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Zero Project 2019

From 20th to 22nd February, DPA flew across the world to share more about our CRPD Parallel Report with the international delegates who attended the Zero Project Conference 2019 in Vienna, Austria. DPA’s Advocacy Executive, Sumita Kunashakaran, was on a panel that discussed the importance of getting accurate data in order to propose policies and discussions about disabilities. Using DPA’s CRPD Parallel Report Working Group as an example, Sumita highlighted the importance of having self-reported data and how this can be affected by individuals choosing not to disclose their disability due to social stigma. Additionally, DPA also highlighted the interesting structure of the social sector landscape in Singapore and how critiquing policies can be a challenge. Sharing for the first time at the Zero Conference was definitely interesting, and DPA looks forward to more of these engagements where we can share more about our advocacy initiatives and how we contribute to the healthy policy discussions in Singapore.


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