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Project Smile – Temasek Secondary School

We’re always thrilled to welcome student groups interested in volunteering and collaborating with us at DPA. So when 9 students from Temasek Secondary School recently approached us to run Project Smile, we were more than delighted to say yes!

Project Smile is a project with the simple aim of bringing smiles to the faces of persons with disabilities, while promoting inclusion and giving back to society.

The objective of the Project Smile Team was to develop a deeper understanding of the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities, with the hope of eventually promoting inclusion and gaining an increased confidence to effectively interact with persons with disabilities. Hence, their first step was to schedule a site recce and consultation at the DPA office to better understand and explore how we can collaborate together to make this happen.

Prior to the actual event, the team members of Project Smile attended a Disability Awareness Talk Series (DATS) conducted by our Training Consultant, Ms Asha, to learn how to disable the disability and embrace inclusion.

Armed with knowledge, the Project Smile team met with some of our Inclusion Ambassadors to take their project a step towards reality.

On the afternoon of 2 August 2017, 3 of our Inclusion Ambassadors – Joseph, Margaret and Sakina – who are wheelchair users, participated in Project Smile. After a quick round of ice-breakers and self-introduction, the Project Smile team led our Inclusion Ambassadors in a session of origami and a game of bingo. Vibrant laughter and chatter filled the room as time flew by! A short song performance by the team quickly evolved into a sing-along session together with our Inclusion Ambassadors. As the session came to a close, the friendship built between the team and our Inclusion Ambassadors was undeniable. The team left with their hearts full and were tremendously inspired, while our Inclusion Ambassadors wore smiles on their faces the whole time – a clear evidence of the joy and warmth flowing from within them.

The Project Smile Team also raised a total of $360.50 in donations which was then presented to DPA. Raising the amount solely by selling bubble tea to their schoolmates, it was heartening to hear them share the funny stories and challenges they faced in the process of their fundraising activity.
DPA would like to extend a big thank you to the Project Smile Team – Nurfareha, YuXuan, Jonathan, Jia Xuan, Elena, Zeta, Mus’ab, Damien and Sandro – together with their teacher, Mrs Verma, and parent helper, Mdm Noorjan for being such a blessing to the community!


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