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Inclusion Fundamentals Second Session

DPA successfully held a second session of Inclusion Fundamentals Workshop on Tuesday 09 July 2013.  This workshop is designed to provide participants basic guiding principles in understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities and how these needs can be met with flexibilities and adjustments.

9 people from the following organisations attended the session on 09 July 2013: 

  • Sodexo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • SG Enable
  • Singapore National Employers Federation
  • Handicaps Welfare Association
  • Learning Beyond Pte Ltd
  • Bedok Youth Society for the Disabled (BYSD)
  • Disabled People’s Association 

DPA continues to receive positive feedback from participants.  89% of the participants rated their overall assessment of the workshop as ‘good’ and 11% rated ‘very good’. 

The element that the participants most enjoyed was the interaction and learning from each other.

“The knowledge, experience and contacts from different social groups that will be useful for my company in terms of reaching out to potential candidates from the agencies.”

“Exchange of views and group discussion format.”

“Hearing about other organisations’ approach.”

Since May 2013, 19 people have attended Inclusion Fundamentals workshop.  The responses from participants have been positively encouraging.  This workshop provides participants a deeper understanding of inclusion in our society, home life and at work places.  We hope to share this learning journey with as many individuals and organisations as possible.

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 20 August 2013 at DPA’s office.  If you are interested in finding out more about Inclusion Fundamentals, please click here.


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