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Inclusion Fundamentals Launch Session

Inclusion Fundamentals – Workshop on Development of an Inclusive Service, is designed to provide participants basic guiding principles in understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities and how these needs can be met with flexibilities and adjustments. To launch this workshop, a special session was held on 28 May 2013 with a small selection of participants. 

10 representatives from the following organisations attended this launch session: 

  • Centre for Enabled Living
  • Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices
  • Hapticus
  • Goodfellas Consultancy PTE Ltd
  • Silver Ribbon (Singapore)
  • Society for the Physically Disabled
  • Disabled People’s Association

The feedback from the participants was extremely positive. 67% of the participants rated their overall assessment of the workshop as ‘very good’ and 33% rated ‘good’.

The participants particularly enjoyed the interaction with each other.

“I learnt about the different perspectives that people with disabilities have through the group sharing session about possible solutions. Very beneficial.”

“Love it that it was not a lecture-like workshop but rather a more interactive workshop.”

The first session was a positive experience for all. It was encouraging that the participants gave their 100% commitment to the workshop. They were honest about the barriers they encountered and were opened to suggestions of how they could remove some the potential barriers within their own organisation.

The comment from one participant reflects the positive feeling shared by all participants.

“Best workshop I’ve ever attended.”

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 9 July at DPA’s office. We will be specifically targeting the private sector. If you are interested in finding out more about Inclusion Fundamentals, please contact Nina Munday by email [email protected] or telephone +65 6791 1134.


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