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Fundraising Flag Day 2008

DPA was able to enlist the help of students from 35 schools working on two overlapping shifts (1100 – 1700 hrs and 1200 to 1800 hrs) to raise $91,662.66 on the Flag Day on 12 April 2008. These included 300 student volunteers from St. Patrick’s Secondary School who collected the donations and students from St Joseph’s Institution who worked hard and smart to label 4,200 collection cans within six hours on the eve of Flag Day. DPA would like to thank their respective teachers-in-charge, Mr. Ng Chong Jin and Ms Lee Siew Lian, for motivating their students to play their part in helping DPA. Despite a short 20 – minute shower at the start of the first shift of the Flag Day, the student’s spirit was not dampened.


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