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Disabled People’s Association would like to introduce you to Ecommuter MI, which is a mobile and web system that matches mobility impaired commuters with current available transportation options for their commuting needs, encompassing a volunteer’s platform to offer them a free of charge rides.

“A virtual transportation hub for the mobility impaired”

“A novel flexible volunteering opportunity, capturing the hectic modern lifestyle”

If you are interested in this new and interesting system there are two ways to get involved, either as a volunteer driver or as a user. 


Looking for a meaningful way of volunteering, but afraid of commitment? Too busy but would still like to volunteer? We’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Volunteers enjoy a meaningful volunteering for those who truly need their help, in a super flexible way, yet with a strong positive social impact.

To download the brochure for potential volunteers please click here.

For more details, visit their website at  or contact Amir at  +65  9825 2400.

For The Mobility Impaired

Not enough commuting options available to cater for your commuting needs? Do you find commuting too troublesome, not flexible and expensive? You might find our platform useful.

Now you can easily book a ride with the different ride options which fits with your needs in a tap of a button, reduce your overall transportation cost, and have more options to commute with our pool of driver volunteers.

To download the brochure for potential users please click here.

For more details, visit their website at  or contact Amir at  +65  9825 2400.


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