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DPA Member Outing River Safari 7 June 2014

On the 7th June Disabled People’s Association (DPA) went to the River Safari to enjoy the park as well as give feedback on how the experience was for visitors with disabilities. The management of the River Safari had contacted DPA to ask its members to come to the park and let them know how they can improve their facilities and services for those with disabilities. A group of DPA members with mobility, hearing and visual impairments as well as two DPA members of staff were treated to a guided tour of the River Safari and a meal together. Afterwards DPA conducted a feedback session. DPA will write up the responses for the River Safari and share the findings on the blog in the near future. 

Here are some photos of DPA members at the park, to see more go to the album on DPA’s Facebook page. Many thanks to the River Safari for the invite!


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