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On Saturday, 14th April 2018, the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) held its very first independent Flag Day on its own. This Flag Day promised to be one that is innovative and different from past ones, and this was achieved with our Disability Awareness Talks and Activities led by our Inclusion Ambassadors before and after Flag Day to inculcate inclusion with participating schools and organisations.

This year, DPA used Project Tintin 3.0, an app developed by ThoughtWorks in its third phase now, to track the movement of donation tins across the island. Through Project Tintin, the tedious, and tireless process of manually tracking donation tins is now simplified through the innovative use of QR codes. By simply scanning out the tins, the organisers were able to keep track of the movement of donation tins, and have an overview of how the Flag Day was progressing. The app also proved to be popular amongst the various voluntary welfare organisations that came to help us out as station supervisors.

Out and about in all parts of Singapore, our amazing group of volunteer Flag Sellers – both persons with / without disabilities – set out into the blistering sun and then torrential rain with their donation tins to spread the word about DPA’s Flag Day, and encourage the public to donate to the cause of inclusion. This year we had students from Tampines Secondary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School, Marsiling Secondary School, and Bukit Panjang Government High School volunteering with us as Flag Sellers, as well as very enthusiastic volunteers from Hua Yuan Association. We would like to thank all our Flag Sellers for putting in a great effort to raise funds for the work of DPA in the disability community.

We also had The Pantry Curators Pte Ltd sponsoring seaweed snacks to our Flag Sellers this year. With the use of healthier options like grapeseed oil and less salt, our Flag Sellers could enjoy a healthy form of snack while giving back to society!

While the Flag Day ended at 6pm, the work was not yet over! With the help of staff, board members and some volunteers, the counting process behind-the-scenes went smoothly in a record time, and Flag Day was wrapped up without a hitch.

DPA would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers, sponsors and supporters for making this Flag Day such a meaningful and engaging event.

DPA would once again like to thank the following sponsors:
Main Sponsor – Tote Board
Sponsors – Smartmatic & Lee Foundation
Technology Partner – Thoughtworks
Venue Partner – New Town Primary School
Volunteer Partner – Cognizant


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