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DPA 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Disabled People’s Association (DPA) 2013-2014 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, 16 September. Members came early to enjoy a pre-AGM buffet dinner and mingling session. At 7:15pm DPA’s Honorary Secretary, Mrs Chang Siew Ngoh, called for the meeting to start. A total of 29 people were in attendance, including volunteers, members and staff and there were enough DPA members present to satisfy quorum requirements.

DPA’s President, Mr Nicholas Aw, started the meeting off by briefing the members on the key events of the past financial year, as well as on the Association’s future projects. Following which, the office bearers and the members confirmed the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting and adopted the Annual Report and Audited Statement of Accounts for 2013-2014. 

DPA then presented members with proposed amendments to DPA’s constitution. Copies of the changes as well as the previous constitution were sent to members a month in advance to allow them enough time to look through the documents. The amendments were designed to update DPA’s constitution to include appropriate disability terminology and align the definition of disability with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Another change in the Constitution is that DPA will offer free institutional membership for disability organisations to encourage more Voluntary Welfare Organisations to join and work with DPA towards a more inclusive society. To see a comprehensive list of all the changes please request a copy from DPA by calling 67911134 or by e-mail [email protected].

Members were then informed of the nominations received for the elections of the new Board of Management. The new Board of Management for 2014-2017 are as follows: Aw Wee Chong Nicholas as President, Judy Anne-Wee as Vice-President, Chang Siew Ngoh as Honorary Secretary, Sherena Loh as Honorary Treasurer, Tan Keng Ying as Assistant Honorary Treasurer, and Arsalan Mustafa Ali, Leo Chen Ian and Paul Yuen Kai Seng as Committee Members. With no objections, all nominations were accepted.

Members then gave their feedback on accessibility, and DPA’s Executive Director, Marissa Medjeral-Mills, suggested holding a forum soon to have a more in-depth discussion on this issue.

At 8:17pm, the meeting ended with a lucky dip and 14 happy members walking away with Downtown East Vouchers, which were kindly donated by SMRT. 


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